About us

About us

Suanico Kali Edmonton is a martial arts training group (we follow the teachings of Grand Master Norman Suanico and our mentors in Kali Academy of Martial Arts) that practice a blade-based Filipino Martial arts style called Kali Ilustrisimo. Members train not for rank or belts, but for skill progression and to have a deeper understanding of Kali.

Our Group started in Edmonton in 2013, since then we have organized training sessions for Kali Academy members in Edmonton and have taught classes and seminars to anyone who is willing to learn and train.

 All are welcome to train with us regardless of martial arts experience, race, status, gender, age, beliefs or physical ability.

“We strive for perfection in training and to better ourselves through Kali.”

“We honor, respect and are grateful for our martial heritage, our mentors, to our fellow-man and to each other.” 



Grand Master Sonny Padilla


Most frequent questions and answers

We practice a style of Kali Ilustrisimo formed by Grand Maestro Norman Suanico; Based on the direct teachings of the founder Antonio “Tatang” Ilustrisimo.

Our group is based in Edmonton and surrounding areas in Alberta Canada. As a training group, we do not have a set location. Training location is decided between members privately or posted in the News/Events Section of this website. Our main headquarters and the school we follow is Kali Academy of Martial Arts which is located in Red deer Alberta, Canada.

There is no experience necessary to join. 

  There is no age limit, although minors must be accompanied by a guardian and must be able to follow the flow of training/class.

    We are a nonprofit training group (not registered). Fees are based on each particular training session (private or public setting) and is decided between the Instructor/Mentor who is hosting the session and participants. 

   Contact us or attend an open training session. To become a member, there are two stages/process and guidelines to follow. Please click HERE to start.

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Guro Carson McDonald



Kali Academy Of Martial Arts

 (Main Headquarters)

203- 4929 50th Street (Ross Street)
Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 1X9 

Tel: 1-403-598-2606     


Great Grand Master Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo & Grand Maestro Norman "Manong" Suanico